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About Us

THE BESPOKE CLINIC is a space purposefully dedicated to Health, Aesthetic and Wellbeing so you can always feel great, both inside and out! The breadth of our specialisations allows us to offer you a completely holistic approach for your wellness journey. As each person is unique, we solely offer an individualised approach aimed at making you ‘feel good’.

We are based in Jesmond, a beautiful suburb near Newcastle upon Tyne city centre.


You are unique ... We are holistic

The Bespoke Clinic is a doctor-led clinic run by Dr Neet, who will be involved in all aspects of your care in some way. Doctor-led medical consultations may cover Menopause, Andropause, Women’s Health, Skin Conditions and Gut Health.

Dr Neet is at the forefront of managing symptoms linked to hormonal deficiencies and has been safely and appropriately prescribing medication, HRT and bioidentical HRT for years. She has now introduced, as part of her treatments offering, the Emsella Chair (continence and pelvic floor) , EmFemme 360 (vaginal and vulval rejuvenation) and the first Emface in the Northeast – a no needles/surgery face lift.

Health – ‘a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.’

If you asked 100 people for a definition of the word ‘Health’, their interpretation would be very different and largely depend on their own experience of good or bad health, alongside what they have read, what they have seen in family or friends and how they prioritise it in their lives.

The Bespoke Clinic aims to understand what ‘Health’ means to you so that we can deliver our services with that in mind. We will learn and educate each other on the different aspects of health and think about what will make you feel healthier and more well overall.

Aesthetic – ‘concerned with beauty or the appreciation of beauty’.

At the Bespoke Clinic, we understand that you want to look good, as well as feel good. As we go through the years, our collagen stores deplete, our sex hormones decrease, we are less hydrated and less protected, and this has an impact on the overall health of our skin and on the way we look.

The Bespoke Clinic offers a range of treatments and supplements that have a proven record in rejuvenating and improving skin’s health and glow. Dr Neet will consult with you to understand your requirements, before deciding – with you – the best course of action for the aesthetic result you are seeking.

Wellbeing– ‘the act of practising healthy habits on a daily basis to attain better physical and mental health outcomes, so that instead of just surviving you are thriving.’

The vision of The Bespoke Clinic is to offer a combination of treatments that consider the whole of you. As such, including a range of avenues to explore ‘wellness’ and wellbeing was of paramount importance to achieve the fulfilment of said vision.

The Wellness Studio is a space of calm or energy. A space for yourself or your community. A space for learning and teaching. We have yoga sessions, personal and small group strength-based training, educational events, mindfulness, psychological therapy and nutritional advice on offer.

Useful Information & Resources

In our blog, you will find a range of articles addressing various conditions and/or treatments to help you understand how to look after yourself.


Thank you Dr Neet for listening to me and understanding my needs and providing me with choices so that I could make informed decisions about my plan of care.

I felt very at ease going in for the treatments knowing that you were so knowledgeable and passionate about women’s health. It was such a positive experience. I only wish I had known about it sooner! Thanks so much for your help.

I am so grateful for your understanding and appreciation of the problem of inconvenience for women.

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51 Osborne Road, Jesmond
Newcastle upon Tyne NE2 2AH

0191 6941232.

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